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The Terra Trekkers

Hello Terra People!!  This is us!!  We are the Terra Trekkers and the face of Terra Lifestyle Company.  The way we see it, this world is full of amazing places to find, discover, trekk there, enjoy, write about and repeat!!  Since you are our amazing customers...we are going to call you honorary Terra Trekkers as well.   

We are currently on the road full time discovering this great nations incredible National Parks, festivals, cities, beach towns, mountain towns, desert towns and everywhere in between!!  We love exploring the United States and discovering products that make our life healthy, organic, clean and ad value to life!!  We would be thrilled for you to join us on our Trekk!!  Feel free to follow us on our journey on Instagram and Facebook! @TheTerraTrekkers



We sold it all to live with less and experience more!!